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hey, it’s me Rosalia.​

Social media manager, brand strategist, content creator, public speaker, and podcast host of The Money Honey. 

Giving the financial services industry a creative buzz.

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about the founder

In a nutshell, I am a wife, homeowner, business owner, public speaker, enterprise adviser in schools, local parish volunteer, fellow yogi and weight lifting warrior, sun seeker, and cat mum.

I started out in financial services back in 2015 as a master broker and then as a business development manager for a specialist lender.  

With my broking and lending experience within commercial finance, bridging finance, second charge secured loans, residential mortgages, and development finance, I am able to create very specific, compliant, and engaging digital marketing strategies for my clients.

When the financial world started to recognise the potential of how impactful social media could be for the industry and for business, I knew it would be beneficial to combine my digital marketing skills with my financial services experience and give financial brands the appropriate guidance with a creative flare.

“The splash of yellow this industry needed” – as quoted by a financial adviser.

I am a very strategic person. All the work I do with clients is carefully planned and personalised to each brand’s needs.

My mission for creating Manuka Media is simple: Make financial services more HUMAN and make money & property more accessible to the everyday consumer.

This mission can’t be achieved alone. This is why I help elite financial brands to stand out on social media with a purpose to educating society on finances, property, investments, and all things money through the power of content marketing!

I spend a lot of time in schools educating the next generation, where I teach them about real life skills such as money and business.

Can you see yourself working with me and my team? Have a look at some of the lovely clients we have had the privilege of working with, and reach out if you are ready to create a social media strategy together.

why work with me?

I understand the advisers, the lenders, the providers, the networks, and the fintech platforms, and more importantly, how to embrace social media in a financial world. 

Having a deep understanding of the products and of how the industry works, allows me to get technical and specific with financial brands when creating content and digital marketing plans.

My industry knowledge helps me keep the content engaging whilst still being compliant and taking the burden away from you when it comes to thinking of content ideas.

The years of experience I have within the industry has enabled me to cultivate brilliant relationships which all my clients can benefit from when growing their business.

I have been implementing social selling and digital marketing tactics for the best part of 10 years. All my methods have been tried and tested and we’re always evolving the services in line with the trends.

If you are ready to get visible on social media and raise your brand awareness, book a call.

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our services

All your digital marketing needs under one roof , or in our case, Beehive!

Whether you need revamp your website, of you would like to create buzzing content for social media, we have the team for you!

Our team cover many aspects of marketing including landing pages, email marketing, social media marketing, and video content.

social media managers

Our social media manager is passionate about design. She is a wizard with Canva and can deliver the posts for you in a third of the time it would take you to do it yourself. She can design the post AND schedule it for you. We can also provide the copy for you too so that your content is optimal.

videographers & video editors

A videographer and video editor who can edit and record all the videos for you. Rosalia manages the content: what to post, what to say, and how to keep the videos “on brand”

digital admin support

Digital admin support: someone who can build all your email campaigns, landing pages, Facebook ads, and even build websites!


Our copywriting team is technically trained in financial copy. All their work is run by Rosalia for approval to check it is in keeping with industry standards. We can deliver any copy for your business from articles, blogs, social media posts, to website copy and infographics.

graphic designers

Our graphic designer can deliver logos, adverts, infographics, sales collateral, and other brand assets. Anything you need to bring your brand to life through imagery can be provided for you.
Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley –Social media manager, brand strategist, content creator, public speaker, and podcast host.

why work with Manuka Media?

Manuka Media is here to empower and give confidence to financial advisers and mortgage brokers to be their best selves on social media without the worry of doing it wrong or the cringeworthy posts!

We understand that it’s not one size fits all on social media, and that not all the social media trends and marketing strategies are appropriate.

That’s why you need not worry!

We won’t get you to dance on TikTok if it is not appropriate or suited to your brand!

Our job is to make a bespoke plan that is suited to your brand and business.

There are thousands of financial advisers in the UK so our mission is to help YOU find your own voice, attract your ideal customer, and build a business you love.

Bee Brave. Bee Bold. Bee Seen.

P.S. the bee is called MOBY, the mortgage bee

our mission

We create financial educators and influencers so that together we can make financial services more HUMAN.

Our population is undereducated when it comes to finances because they don’t teach you this in schools.

When do we learn about our financial security and wellbeing?

We enter adult life with debt, loans, high tax bills, and for most… very little income because we weren’t taught how to build wealth at school. We were taught how to get a job and pay the tax man.

This is why we work with elite financial advisers who want to EDUCATE their clients and society to make better decisions with their income, inheritance, and assets.

Our service is not limited to financial advisers only however.

We love to work with innovative firms in the financial services industry who serve the adviser community.

We’ve worked with lenders, networks and fintech providers too who are bringing innovation and transformation to the adviser world.

We love to find firms in the financial services world who want to make a difference.

That is what we call Positive Pollination.

Positive Pollination for us is all about making an impact. A ripple effect of well-doing spreading across the industry.

Does it begin with you?

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